About Us

About Horus Network.

This is Horus, Nigeria’s leading internet service infrastructure provider, deploying fixed wireless broadband internet in Nigeria. we are committed to delivering Affordable, Reliable and Fast internet services, giving you the connection you deserve.


We have strong Network coverage across various locations within Nigeria, thereby enhancing connectivity in all points of presence satisfying proximity demands between our customers.


We have redundancy in place to eliminate downtime and guarantee you a 99.9% network uptime. If your business relies on internet to enhance operations and communications, then we sure got you covered.

we provide our services using cutting edge fiber optic cables to provide our customers with fast, secure and symmetrical internet services as well as eliminate any and all latency issues    


Mission & Values

Our mission is to protect assets against cyber threats.

We help businesses, organizations, industries, governments, and academia face the challenge of dealing with the constant threat of cyber attacks and protect systems, networks, and data from continuously evolving cyber threats.  

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